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  There are not alot of things that are better than a weekend away, especially not if the chosen destination is the city of London! The best way to enjoy this marvelous city and its amazing shopping is to hook yourself up with a
London Calling

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Amangani, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Sometimes you find a destination that just changes you. Amangani is such a place for me. Located in such a pure and authentic place it somehow cleanses your mind and lets you really, and I mean really, relax. I could practically walk into Yellowstone National Park one day and find herds of buffaloes, moose and elk, and the other onto the slopes and enjoy the best skiing of my life!

Amangani is pricey, and it is a bit tricky to get there, but I promise it is worth the effort…


The mountains in Jackson Hole are called the Tetons which is French for nipples, due to their pointy shape. That the first settlers that came here were French goes without saying:) 

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The Radisson Royal Copenhagen

Staying in this hotel is almost like time travelling! Arne Jacobsen, the famous Danish arcitecht designed every little detail and made the hotel a really unique place to stay. For those of you who have not yet visited Copenhagen I warmly recommend this hotel as it is a perfect ’go-to’ for Danish design. While you are here you must visit room 606 which has been kept in its original state and of course try to have a chat with the hotel manager Roy-Al. His father was the first general manager of this famous property and raised his son in the hotel and even named him after it:)

A peculiar piece of information: the chairs you see on this picture are sold today for 80000 and 40000 DKK a piece (ca 7500 and 3700 EUR). One of the receptionists told me that when the hotel was refurbished many years ago, the staff was offered to take whatever they wanted. She took 4 of the black chairs only to find that she didn’t like them in her apartment…so she threw them. Undoubtedly, she regrets it now.

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In Kafka’s Footsteps…Prague

If you are looking for some real value for money, I strongly recommend Prague. For around 2200 SEK (around 250 USD) you can stay a weekend at this 5-star hotel which is only a stone’s throw from the Carls’ Bridge and the Vaclav square, the main attractions.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, modern and cozy at the same time, and there is a certain “classicism” about it, as if you had spent a fortune on it.

While you are here, I recommend that you visit the café that Franz Kafka often visited, Café Savoy, for an excellent brunch or afternoon tea. If you are interested in urban history, take a guided tour and you will hear some really fascinating stories. For example, did you know Prague was so developed in the 13th century that it had already achieved the size it is today?

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The Story

Have you ever been to a hotel that gives you such a predictable feeling? Like you know what the rooms will look like before you have even entered?
The Story Hotel in Stockholm is not one of these.

Located in the center of Stockholm it has quickly become one of the hippest places to stay. The hotel itself claims it has been inspired by the urban feeling of cities such as New York and Paris and they have successfully combined it with elegant and chic furniture and funky designs. To stay there a weekend (Fri-Sun) will cost you around 3500 SEK (approx. 380 EUR) and includes an excellent breakfast.

The hotel is also a perfect place for an after-work as they offer live music, DJ:s playing and “party-brunches” for the hip.

Anyone up for a weekend in Stockholm?

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Switzerland is mostly famous for its “Alp” style hotels, but in the middle of Swiss atmosphere you can find the TRALALA HOTEL in Montreux. 

Montreux is a beautiful small city but despite its size it hosts amazing and huge events, such as the Jazz Festival. The Tralala Hotel has focused on the theme of music. Each hotel room has a unique edgy design and is dedicated to an artist that is linked to Motreux. They are being honored with a huge picture of themselves on the walls.

The hotel is located very close to the city, but a little up the mountain. So you need make sure you can walk up hill.

The prices are very fair, which gives everyone a chance to enjoy the unique spirit of this hotel.

Note that the Front Desk is closed at night time. 

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Looking for a relaxing place to go for a Weekend, Chateau du Lac is to recommend. Located in a calm area called Genval about 20 minutes away from Brussels.

The hotel is exactly what its name says, a Castle by the Lake (Chateau du Lac). The atmosphere brings a very relaxing mode to you.

The hotel rooms are spacious and charming, and has a modern touch.

It has a very famous restaurant called Genval les Bains, it is so popular even locals go their. Therefore a tip is to prebook a table. In summer it is nice to sit on the terrace.

Besides going for a walk around the lake and eat fine dining you can use the hotel spa, or if you are a golfer they have plenty of golf packages with golf clubs near by.

Sign up for a weekend away!!

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This hotel property has so many WOW-attributes. It has about 1300 hotel rooms with so many different styles, but all very modern and designed. 
It’s an ultimate hotel to stay at if you are going on business. They offer club floors where there is a lounge that offer beverages and snacks throughout the day.
They have a special floor for only women. The rooms have a female touch with product suited for women. On that floor they also have a lounge. It was mainly made for women to feel safe.

The hotels has a good selection of restaurants that offers food from different places around the world, Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese and even a buffet restaurant. Of course also a Korean Restaurant.
The lounge bar offers live music every night.

Connected with the hotel is a huge department store with exclusive boutiques and food court on the bottom floor.

Location is right in the center of Seoul, and has easy access to get around the city. The subway system is very smart and easy to understand.

Once you enter you won’t have to leave!

The Exterior, two wings

Hotel Room with City View

New Design

Female Room


Buffet Restaurant

Korean Fine Dining at Mugunghwa

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If you are into boutique hotels, I can definitely recommend the concept of Andaz, which is a part of the Hyatt Chain.

Today there are only a few around the world. I have personally stayed at three of them, San Diego, Los Angeles and in London.

They always have a great design with a luxurious approach. Every hotel even have their own special scent, which always is amazing.

The Andaz offers your a personal “Host”, who is suppose to be your friend throughout your stay. So instead of having one front desk agent, one bellman, one concierge and one greeter, there is one who knows and does it all.

Every night they offer complimentary wine and beverage in the lobby.

The hotel always have a convenient location.

Andaz is definitely a treat for your senses! Soon there will open one in AMSTERDAM!

I hope you can enjoy the Spirit of ANDAZ one day!

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What happens in Vegas…

The Greatest Escape from your real and serious life is a trip to LAS VEGAS. There you can indulge yourself with luxury for almost no cost. Enjoy a life with no strings attached, and you choose what time it is.

I went there 3 times within a year. I went hotel hopping a lot and but I would recommend these properties:


The best casino on the strip
Good night club


Perfect location
Cheap Rooms
Got a free upgrade to a suite!!
Offers great packages
Good night club


Has the best Cirque du Soleil show
Great hotel rooms
Has a fountain show continuously 

These hotels are very famous on the strip, but they are also the once most conveniently located. Remember that it almost takes 5-7 minutes to walk pass just one hotel property.

I strongly recommend not to go to Vegas during summer, as it is in the desert it gets really hot!

Go to Vegas during special holidays, such as Halloween, New Years etc. That’s where the place gets extra crazy! :)

Please share your recommendations or questions!

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